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Arise! Awake!! Declamation Competition

11th September, 1893, a Golden Day in the Indian History when “Swami Vivekananda” gave the historical speech in Chicago for “Universal Brotherhood”. This day is celebrated as “UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD DAY” all over the world. Vivekananda Kendra celebrates this day in all its branches. In Shimla, on this occasion Vivekananda Kendra is organizing “Arise! Awake!! Declamation Competition” for School Children of Shimla. The details as below.

1. “Arise! Awake!! Declamation Competition” will be in 2 groups.
    Group-1 : 8 to 10 Standard                         Group-2 : 11 & 12 Standard

2. From each Participant School, 2-2 (total 4) students can participate. There are no any fees for participation.

3. Student has to present his/her subject from respective group in 5min in either Hindi or English, without reading the paper.

Group 1 : 8th, 9th , 10th standard
Group 2 : 11th, 12th standard
1) Be & Make
    बनो और बनाओ
1) Physically & mentally Healthy Society through Yog
    योग के द्वारा स्वस्थ समाज    
2) Family involvement in Character Building
    चरित्र निर्माण में परिवार की भूमिका
2) Moral devolution in current era & My Responsibility
     वर्तमान में नैतिक मूल्योंका ह्रास और मेरा कर्तव्य
3) Am I one of the Swamiji's Youth? How? 
    क्या मैं स्वामीजी के उन पुत्रो में से एक हूँ? कैसे? 
3) Am I one of the Swamiji's Youth? How? 
    क्या मैं स्वामीजी के उन पुत्रो में से एक हूँ? कैसे?

4. “Arise! Awake!! Declamation Competition” will be organized on 8th September 2012, Saturday, from 12 to 4pm at S.D.Schools, Ganj Bazar (Anaj Mandi), Shimla

5. Prize Distribution will be on 9th September 2912, Sunday afternoon at Vivekananda Kendra, Nabha, Shimla.

6. In Each Group 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize will be given and each participant will be greeted with momento.

7. First Prize Winners’ School will get “Running Trophy” in each group.

8. The last date of Registration is 6th September 2012.

9. School can register students name by sending letter or email to below.
    Address : Vivekananda Kendra, Nabha Estate, Shimla-171 004

    Ph : (0177)-2835995, 94180 36995, 94180 25221, 94180 15995.       
    Email : shimla [at] vkendra.org
Attachment : Click here to download School Letter

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