सोमवार, 19 जनवरी 2015

Student Internship in Winter Vacation at Vivekananda Kendra

This time in Winter Vacation the youth of Study circle of Viveknanda Kendra Shimla Branch has decided to devote time for the society instead of going home for relaxation. Youth will be going for 1 to 3month to various branch centers and partake in various daily activities and at the same time understand the soceity unity in the diversity.

Youth will be going to diff. branch center like Kanyakumari, Indore, Patna.

मंगलवार, 13 जनवरी 2015

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti Celebration

Swami Vivekananda Jayanti was celebrated on 12th January 2015 at Viveknanda Kendra, Shimla Branch at Nabha Estate, Shimla-171004.

Sanskar Varg Pramukh Shri Shivam Riya, enlighten Anandalaya & Samskar Varg Children with various message giving short stories from Life of Swami Vivekananda, which followed by a indoor games which inculcate the Team Spirit in Children. The program was started with 3 ॐ, prayers and a patriotic song.

Anandalaya & Samskar Varg are specially run for Children to inculcate the Moral Values, Patriotic feeling as well as Group Spirit, to build the character of the Children and be a pivotal point of the family, society, naiton.