शुक्रवार, 29 नवंबर 2013

Yoga Varg & Anandalaya resume from 7th December '13

Mid-term Exam has been started for the students & youth and also for teachers in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh.

It's collectively decided to have break during this busy days and resume the Yoga Varg & Anandalaya from 7th December 2013.

What is Yoga Varg :

Vivekananda Kendra's Shimla branch is regularly conducting the basic three ways, 
1) Samskar Varg for Children : age 8 to 14
2) Swadhyay Varg for Youth & Professionals
3) Yoga Varg for all people [Introductory Yoga Satra is recommended to attend] 

There is no fees to attend Yoga Varga, but  regularity  is required. 
=> A Yoga Satra can be organised at any location/society, for introduction of Yoga for group of 10+ persons, with nominal fee.

What is  Anandalaya : 

A special type of Sanskar Varg, which started by seeing the need of Shimla, which includes student from class 4 to 9.

This has been started for the needy student to help them in their studies but it's now expanded to all children of Surrounding area of VK Shimla.