शनिवार, 2 मई 2015

New Yoga Satra at Kaithu (Shimla)

New Yoga Satra for beginners is going to start at Kaithu (Shimla) from 4 to 14th May 2015. The timing is morning 5:30 to 7am. The session includes Relaxation Techniques, SuryaNamaskars, Asan, Pranayam and basics of Patanjali Yoga-sutra to understand the Indian way of life i.e. Yoga -  way of life.

Register Yourself : Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari – Shimla Branch, 
Nabha Estate, Shimla – 171 004. 
Contact : (0177)2835995, 94180 15995, shimla [at] vkendra.org

Learn to live a perfect & complete life with different aspects of Yoga and live in communion with nature.

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