रविवार, 12 अप्रैल 2015

Varshik Baithak of Himachal Vibhag

Swami vivekananda's teachings were more relevant in the present scenario our need was to create an congenial atmosphere for the transformation of the mankind which would bring cultural old spirit.

Ma.A Balakrishanji, national vice president of vivekananda rock memorial and vivekananda kendra, said this while addressing  the vivekananda kendra office barrier of different branch center of vivekananda kendra Himachal vibhag comprising of Himachal pradesh, Jammu nad Kashmir and uttarakhand here today,he said that Swami vivekananda has given a call to youth of India for national reconstruction and this call was still awaiting  response of youth of India .

He ask youth to get connected to the national ethos and cultural  values of the country and served the country in the  right perspectives. He said that 813 Kendra branches are working in 18 states for this purpose  our  country.

The program also addressed by all India joint general secretory of Vivekananda rock memorial and Vivekananda Kendra Su.Rehka Devay who also stressed on imparting moral education to the children and ask Kendra's workers to start Samskar Varg for this purpose.

Besides in program a movie has presented about the Mananeey Eknathji Ranade, a spirit behind vivekananda rock memorial and founder of Vivekananda kendra. Vivekananda Kendra is celebrating 100th birh anniversary of Mananeey Eknathji by awakening the potential spirit of the youth by working for the society. From Himachal pradesh Dr.Ashok Raina, Anil Kumar Sood(CA), Retd postmaster general T.R.Sharma, Dr.Neeraj Sharma, Ashutosh Aggerwal, Er. Brejesh Gupta, Retd Regional Bank Manager Shri K.K.Sharma where presented.

Youth of Himachal Pradesh are invited to join Vivekananda Kendra activity and partake in this National work by dropping an email to shimla@vkendra.org

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